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Time4Nutrition Time 4 Mass Gain (4.5kg)
Time4Nutrition Time 4 Mass Gain (4.5kg)
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Time4Nutrition Time 4 Mass Gain (4.5kg)

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Time 4 Mass Gain is a nutrient dense high protein, high carb, low fat formula aimed at anyone who wants to increase muscle mass.

Carbohydrates come from Cluster Dextrin and Maltodextrin which the body absorbs easily and will help to provide energy for your workouts. Protein comes from Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate and Micellar Casein giving a time release effect so you get a drip feed of muscle building Amino Acids into the bloodstream for up to 8 hours ensuring optimum growth and recovery.

Time 4 Mass Gain benefits from high levels of BCAAs Peptide Bonded Glutamine and L-Glutamine to help with the recovery process.

When you mix the protein and carbohydrates together in the same meal you minimise the chance of the carbohydrates being stored as fat. Protein is harder for the body to process, so it increases your metabolism. Also, carbohydrates help transport the nutrients from protein to the muscle cells which aids in muscle growth.

To gain mass you will need to consume 4-6 meals a day aiming for approximately 1.5g protein and 2.3g of carbohydrate per pound of bodyweight and fats at 20% of total calorie intake.

  • Advanced mass gain formula

  • Time release protein and dual carb blend

  • High in BCAAs

  • Added Peptide Bonded Glutamine and Probiotics

  • Contains 45 servings if mixed with water and 90 servings if mixed with Milk

Time 4 Mass Gain can be used anytime of the day as a meal replacement or in between meals.

  • Mix 1 heaped scoop (50g) with: 500ml of skimmed milk.

  • Mix 2 heaped scoops (100g) with: 500ml of cold water.

Nutritional Information Per Serving (Based On Creamy Toffee Pudding Variant):

  • Energy(kJ/kcal): 1588/308

  • Fat (g): 4.9

  • of which saturates (g): 2.6

  • Carbohydrate (g): 48

  • of which sugars (g): 39

  • Fibre (g): 0.8

  • Protein (g): 35

  • Salt (g): 0.8

Ingredients (Based On Creamy Toffee Pudding Varaiant)Mass Gain Carb Blend (35%): (Cluster DextrinMaltodextrin)Protein Blend (Milk) (51%): (Whey Protein ConcentrateWhey Protein IsolateMicellar Casein)Whey PeptidesPeptide Bonded GlutamineL-GlutamineMedium Chain Triglyceride Powder (MCT)Soy Lecithin (Emulsifier)FlavouringXanthan GumAcacia GumProbioticsSweetener: (Sucralose).