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Swanson Ultra Albion Ferrochel Iron (180caps)

Swanson Ultra Albion Ferrochel Iron (180caps)

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  • Patented Albion® glycine-chelated form for optimum absorption
  • Plays a key role in production of red blood cells
  • Supports the production of hemoglobin, a molecule that transports oxygen

Iron carries blood and it plays a key role in the production of red blood cells. Swanson provides Albion Chelated Iron for high bioavailability. Albion's mineral amino acid chelates are state-of-the-art dietary supplements designed to achieve the highest possible absorption potential. 

What Makes Chelated Mineral Glycinates So Superior?

First we need to understand the chelation process. Chelation is the result of minerals becoming chemically bound to amino acids in a very specific manner. Chelation occurs during the digestive process to facilitate transport of minerals across the intestinal wall so that they may be utilized throughout the body. Amino acids are not the only "chelators" available, but they are ideal for minerals. The body is very efficient at absorbing individual amino acids, and Albion has identified the amino acid glycine as the preferred molecule for creating organic chelated minerals. Glycine is readily identified and absorbed across the intestinal wall, and Albion's glycinate chelates are actually small enough to transport right into the cells themselves!

Serving Information

  • Serving Size: 1 capsule
  • 18 mg per serving
  • 180 servings per container