Strom Supportmax Joint (40 Servings)

Flavour: Raspberry
Sale price£39.99


Strom has released an all in one joint supplement that uses patented ingredients and proven formula that will support you during your training. The aim of this product is to help increase overall joint health and aid performance for those who are struggling with niggles/joint pain. Its also a great product to use to help reduce joint wear and tear through constant training.

  • 1400mg glucosamine sulphate 

  • 1000mg patented Hydrocurc 

  • 750mg Cissus Quadrangularis

  • 250mg vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

  • 200mg hylaronic acid

  • 10mg black pepper extract 


Hydrocurc (curcumin)


Vitamin C

EFSA approved claim

“vitamin C is necessary to maintain healthy bone, teeth, cartilage, gums and skin;”

Hylauronic Acid

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