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New Product Additions: Supplement Needs!

Hello All! 

I just wanted to update you and let you know about our latest additions to the Supplement Needs range. 

Supplement Needs was founded by Dr Dean St Mart, a consistent name in the health&fitness industry. Supplement Needs' mission is to create a unique, premium product to cover every area to support your health markers and aid your fitness progression. The great thing about this brand is every product comes with a fully transparent label, so you know the exact dosages in each and every serving!

Here are the 5 LATEST products we have from Supplement Needs:

1) Pre Stim+ - This is a high quality, caffeine free pre workout. now you may be thinking 'NO CAFFEINE?!' however this formula contains premium, cutting edge ingredients to increase levels of focus & energy WITHOUT the unwanted jitteriness or crash some may experience when using caffeine. Essentially, you will be able to use this time and time again without building a tolerance!

2) AM Priming Stack - This is an advanced adaptogen blend to be consumed immediately upon waking up. This will help those who suffer from a high level of stress, anxiety, fatigue and it will also help to increase levels of cognition and productivity performance. The great thing about this is it contains ZERO stimulants, the ingredients are completely natural, sourced from plants and can be used all year round. 

3) Astrag-Flow - This is a high quality formula to support normal kidney function and blood pressure. The product has been designed with 'enhanced' individuals in mind, however it will not harm to use this to tick those day to day health markers! I will however stress, 'enhanced' individuals will benefit more from using this!

4) Pre Focus+ - Pre Focus+ is a high quality nootropic pre-workout formula. Now, even though its officially listed as a 'Pre-Workout' I would also highly recommend this for those looking for a quick boost in productivity for those tedious tasks. I actually took this before writing this blog, and words flowed through effortlessly! The purpose of this is to increase cognitive function, focus, and to get you in that 'tunnel-vision' mode.

5) Pre Pump+ - The final addition is a non-stim pre workout formula. This product can be broken down into THREE parts:

1- Blood Flow & Vasodilation 
2- Hydration
3- Dopamine Uptake & Regulation

The three parts of this formula all work synergistically, giving you incredible pumps, keeping your body hydrated throughout your exercise, and keeping your levels of dopamine up to help you feel good and 'euphoric'!

I can't wait to hear your feedback on these products! If you have any questions regarding these products or would like any advice please do not hesitate. We are on Instagram @PNG_UK, Facebook @The Progressive Nutrition Group, or you can simply contact us via the website!


Until Next Time,